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Want higher rankings and more traffic Using HARO?

You’ve come to the right place. Topsanker is the place for next-level HARO (Help a Reporter Out) marketing tips and link building strategies.

What Topsanker is all About

If you’ve been wondering where I can find marketing tips and link-building strategies, you’re at the right place. Topsanker is where brands and marketers turn for proven advice. Look, my effective HARO link-building techniques are why marketers from around the globe hop on my content regularly.

Want a Strategic Link Building Plan for Your Brand?

How Topsanker Helps You Get More Backlinks and Higher Ranking using HARO (Help a Reporter Out)

Most marketers claim to rank highly in the Google search; you only need great content, but here’s the truth: It doesn’t work that way. I learned the hard way that there is more to ranking than great content.

And that’s why Topsanker comes in handy.

This blog is where you’ll get to know the exact tips,strategies, and techniques you need to get higher rankings. I mean insanely actionable HARO link building advice that works like crazy..

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About Foster Senu

Topsanker was founded by Foster Senu, a link-building expert.

After failing with his first three businesses, he later struck gold with Topsanker. Where he gives expert tips on HARO link building. Since the launch of Topsanker, Foster Senu has made a name for himself by publishing link-worthy contents and practical link-building strategies that business owners can use to grow their brand.