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Do you need help with fixing your WordPress Bug or removing malware on your WordPress website Accra, Ghana? Well, Topsanker Digital has the expertise and the resources to fix your WordPress errors at an affordable price.

Wordpress bug fixing agency in Ghana

The Type of WordPress Errors We Can Help you With

Look, Topsanker Digital helps business owners and bloggers to fix different degrees of WordPress bug on their site in Accra. In fact we provide a budget friendly WordPress bug fixing service in Ghana. Discover the types of WordPress bug we can help you with.

WordPress Themes and Plugin Issues in Accra

WordPress error fixing agency in Accra, Ghana

Bug in plugins and WordPress themes occur for many reasons including, conflict with other themes and plugins, coding errors, compatibility issues, etc.

Malware Attacks on WordPress Sites In Accra

Wordpress bug fixing agency in Ghana Topsanker Digital

WordPress White Screen of Death

Malware attacks occur on WordPress websites through weaknesses and vulnerabilities discovered by hackers on your website. Malware attacks usually happen when there is a poorly coded WordPress Theme or Plugin, weak password and credentials..

WordPress Error fixing agency in Ghana

The WordPress white screen of death happens when something goes wrong on your site preventing your content and pages from displaying on your site. It happens whenever there is a corrupted database, , server configuration issues, conflicted plugins and themes, coding errors.

Internal Server Error (HTTP 500)

Accra WordPress Bug Fixing agency in Ghana

 The internal server error in WordPress is caused by PHP memory exhaustion, Corrupted .htaccess File,  Exhausted Server Resources.

How Does the WordPress Bug Fixing of Topsanker Digital Works?

As the leading marketing agency in Ghana and the most affordable WordPress bug fixing agency near Accra, we have adopted a systematic approach in fixing the WordPress bug of our clients. We have the expertise to perform targeted fixes, rigorous testing, and client communication at every stage of the process. The WordPress error fixing  process of Topsanker Digital involves:

  • We’ll ask for admin access to your website to identify the root cause of the problem
  • Once we know the root cause of the bug, we’ll give you a fixed price to pay and the timeline to resolve the issue.
  • When your payment is completed, we’ll ask permission to access your admin and backup your site and database.

Why Choose the Security Analysts of Topsanker Digital?

Despite the fact that the security analysts and the WordPress developers at Topsanker Digital are professionals with diverse skills in security analysis and a deep knowledge in WordPress, we still offer the most affordable WordPress bug solutions in Ghana.

Look, they are skilled in diagnosing a wide range of WordPress issues including, internal server error, malware attacks, database problems and plugin conflicts.

In fact, They implement targeted solutions to effectively resolve and stop the recurrence of the same issue. In addition, we keep clients like you informed about the progress of the bug fixing process.

How Does Our WordPress Bug Fixing in Accra Compared to Others?

Fixed Price Model
There’s nothing like recurring pricing. We work on a fixed price. Once you complete your payment. We’ll fix the bug for you.
CALL US : 233 539868616
Reliability and Guarantee
We give 30 days bug free guarantee for your site. When the same issue occurs, reach out to us and this time, you don’t have to make any payment again, provided it’s the same bug.
CALL US: 233 539868616
Dedicated Security Analyst
If you agree to work With our agency, you’re given a dedicated security analyst and WordPress developer to resolve your WordPress error as quickly as possible. There’s no middleman elsewhere.
CALL US: +233 539868616
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