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The Most Recommended Copywriter in Accra, Ghana

Do you want the best copywriter in Accra? Hello, my name is Foster Senu. I’m determined to grow your business with persuasive copies that convert like crazy. My only question is, are you ready?

The most recommended copywriter in Accra

What are you Struggling With?

If you have been struggling to boost the visibility of your brand, you’re at the right place. Which of these problems do you encounter in your business?

Ability to Address Customer Pain Point

the most recommended copywriter in Accra

Are you struggling to address the pain point of your prospects? Hey, your inability to address your customer pain point has resulted in several consequences such as low conversion rate, low competitive advantage, Reduced customer lifetime value and lower customer satisfaction.

 Poor SEO Performance

the most recommeded copywriter in Accra Ghana

Do you need support for SEO copywriting? Well, your business is gradually failing because you’re not incorporating relevant keywords on your pages and content, isn’t it? If you’re facing this issue, let’s talk now.

Targeting the right Audience

the most recommeded copywriter in Accra

Do you want the most effective strategies to target the right audience interested in your product or service? You’re not alone. Most businesses in Accra, Ghana face the same problems. I get it. It’s difficult to understand your ideal customer and develop targeting marketing approach without the expertise, so let’s talk


My Copywriting Services in Accra

Look, the fact has shown that to get your brand messaging on point, you need a persuasive copywriter with emotional appeal, SEO knowledge, attention to detail and a storyteller. Now, this is where my copywriting expertise comes in handy. My copywriting services include, Website copies, blog and article writing, content strategy and planning and press releases.

The Copywriting Skills of Foster Senu

SEO Knowledge


Attention to Details

Research Skill

Analytical Skill

My Testimonials

You Need a Copywriter in Accra, so let’s talk +233 539868616

The most recommended copywriter in Accra

About Me

Foster Senu is an SEO copywriter in Accra with so much attention to details. In fact, I’m not afraid to take on difficult challenges.

My adaptability has given me the ability to switch between different tones and styles. I’m an achiever, In my role at The Impact Writer, I have been able to increase the conversion rate of our landing page to 17.3% My persuasive skills have enabled me to emotionally appeal to the right audience to take a desired action.  My skills have given me the opportunity to work on Topsanker Digital and played a significant role in the development of The Impact Writer in Nigeria.

How Many Years of Experience Did You Work as a Copywriter?

Look, I have over 7 years of experience writing highly converting copies for advertisement purposes such as promotional emails, Facebook ads copies and website copies. I started in 2016 as a  marketing blogger and today, I’m now one of the best copywriters in Accra.

Who is the Best Copywriter in Accra, Ghana?

It’s difficult to know the best copywriter in Ghana if you don’t put their skills to test. I’ll encourage you to contact Foster Senu. He is a passionate copywriter with over 7 years of experience. He is committed to writing persuasive copies that appeal to the emotions of your prospects to take action.

How do I Find the Best Copywriter in Accra, Ghana

The easiest way to find the best copywriter in Accra, Ghana is by using LinkedIn search. Just go to LinkedIn and search for “the best copywriter in Accra” but wait- There’s more. To get a compelling copy that converts and optimizes your website on Google search, contact Foster Senu : +233 539868616.