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Top 1% of Remarkable Companies in Ghana Right Now

top 1% of companies in Ghana

Do you want to know about the top-rated companies in Ghana based on industries? What if I told you the simplest way to know how these companies performed over the last couple of years is to explore this compelling post?

Well, today, I’m here to show you the top 1% of companies in Ghana that are trustworthy and credible. Are you wondering why these companies?

Let me explain.


  • Have a well-defined vision and mission that provide direction and purpose. 
  • Continually innovate, embrace new technologies, and adapt to changing market conditions to stay competitive and relevant.
  • Encourage efficient and effective operations, characterized by streamlined processes,  continuous improvement and quality control.
  • Posses a strong, positive brand image and reputation that build trust and credibility with customers, stakeholders, partners.
  • A clear strategic focus enables them to allocate resources effectively, prioritize initiatives, and achieve their long-term goals.


Let’s dive in now.

The Best News Publishing Companies

the biggest companies in Ghana

Ghana Business News 

This is a comprehensive news portal that focus on original reporting, provides detailed analysis and investigative journalism on complex issues. The good news is, Ghana Business News acts in the public interest and provide valuable information to the community.

Ghana respected companies

Ghana Celebrities

Ghana Celebrities is one of the leading news platforms in Ghana. It has  well written articles that are compelling and  easy to digest. The fact is, their publishers use rigorous fact-checking processes to verify information before publication. In addtion, They of credible and reliable sources for news stories

The best brands in Ghana to do business with

The Conversation

The Conversation is a credible and accurate africa’s independence source of information from academic and  reseach community.  This proven team balances the speed of reporting with the accuracy of information. They offer multiple perspectives and avoid bias. This helps to build trust in journalism.

the ghana's biggest companies

The Business and Financial Times 

The Business and Financial Times is currently one of Ghana’ s biggest newspepper with that maintains neutrality, especially on controversial topics to ensure fair reporting. However, they adhere to high standards of journalistic ethics, including accuracy, fairness, and independence.

Credible SaaS Companies In Ghana

BEST businesses in Ghana that are transforming lives


Webbermill is a top-rated SaaS company in Ghana that offers workspace with a suit of productivity apps to streamline your business operations. With Webbermills you have the chances to stay ahead in the competition by using hasstle free and proven tools.

the most recommended companies in Ghana


Unilynq is an amazing  cloud-based student information portal and  learning management system that integrates with various third-party applications and offers a mobile app for teachers.

The best companies in Ghana

Express Pay

Express Pay offers the best gateway to make the payment of utility bills and online payment seamless and secured for the Ghanaian people. The truth is: express Pay is an official Visa Payment Technology Provider (PTP) and the leading Visa eCommerce processor in Ghana. 

Top-Rated Digital Marketing Companies In Ghana

top rated marketing agency in Ghana


Socialander are determined to ignite the visibility of your brand with remarkable marketing campaign. The best part? They have the expertise and the resources to put you a step ahead of your competitors. 

Remarkable digital marketing agencies in Ghana


Cybernauic is a remarkable marketing agency in Ghana with expertise in custom web design, search engine optimization, and pay per click marketing. They are one of the bad-ass marketing agencies in Ghana with the potential to drive massive amount of clients to your website

paragon marketing

Paragon Marketing Agency

Paragon Marketing is your number one marketing agency in Ghana capable of increasing your customer base by developing comprehensive marketing strategies and campaigns tailored to your business. Also, they Monitor and analyze campaign performances using various analytics tools.

trusted companies in Ghana

AA+ Movers

AA+ Movers are skilled professinals that are trained to handle residential relocation, commercial relocation and real estate assitant. In fact, AA+ movers will make your next move stress free and successfiul. The best part is, they make the journey to your new home memorable and smooth

The best companies in Accra Ghana

MOL Movers

MOL movers are reputable packing and moving companies in Ghana that you can trust. MOL movers have excellent infrastrutures in place to safely move your item to it’s destination. With efficient fleet of vehicles available, you can be sure of the safety of your items. They provide a complete solution to movers like you.

the best companies in Ghana to do business wtih


AGS Movers guarantees quality moving services to it’clients without over spending on their next move. They have consistent standard and are fully licensed to operate in the areas they serve. The truth is: AGS Movers are available for short-term and long-term storage facilities

The Best Ecommerce Companies in Ghana

Ghana biggest company


Tonaton is the best classified brand in Ghana where users can buy and sell variety of products such as real estate, vehicle, electronics, etc. It serves as the market place for used and new products. In fact, Tonaton has build a recognizable and trustworthy brand in Ghana for the last couple of years. 

THE BEST brand in Ghana today


Electromart is the larget ecommerce brand in Ghana dealing with electronics. It has over 27 showromms across Ghana offering a diverse range of products to cater to different customer needs. Now, Electromart has high-quality products that meet customer expectations and reduce returns and complaints.

largest company in the Ghana


Maxmart is a recognisable ecommerce brand and online shopping platform in Ghana. They offer convinient doo-to-door delivery and in-store pickup options. Hey, this is a supermarket chain in Ghana that allows it customers to shop gloceries and other essential household items.

Leading Agricultural/ Farming Companies in Ghana

AMG Fertilizers 

AMG Fetilizers are dealers in advanced crop nutrition fertilizers in Ghana. Hey, AMG fertilizers are capable of reducing fungal infections by strengthening and maintaining the integrity of the cell wall of Cocoa pods. Then again, They  train  and educate farmers on how to use their products in order to increase and maximise productivity.

Goshen Porsche

Gsohen Porshe is one of the most efficient and productive commercial farm in Africa. Look, they have achieved this status by using tech intensive status and agricultural best practices in the long term. Their mission is to use  modern agricultural technologies to deliver top quality produce for the  African markets

Real Estate Companies

the best companies in Accra


Meqasa gives you an edge when searching for residential or commercial properties such as offce space and apartment in Ghana. They have countless number of listing available in their system. Meqasa collaborates with property owners to give you thousands of options in Accra, Tema and other cities in Ghana

the best companies in Ghana

Golden Cherry Real Estate

Golden Cherry Limited is one of the most credible real estate companies in Ghana that you can trust to get premium quality home. Their apartment and houses have modern finishes. Hey, Golden Cherry Limited  are dedicated and committed to clients succes.  Also, they are transparent about fees, processes, and potential challenges.

renowned Ghanaian companies

Devtraco Limited

Look, Devtraco Limited is Ghana’s leading real estate companies with high quality property development.  They have built over 1,700 properties built for the Ghanaian society. They offer a variety of properties including single family home, apartments and townhouses.

trusted real estate companies in Ghana

VAAL Real Estate

VAAL Real estate company is one of the most transparent real estate companies in Ghana with presense in Kenya, Turkey and Uganda. Look, they have over 1,500+ clients that stay informed about their investment and properties. They have a proven history of successful transactions and satisfied clients

The Best Hotels in Ghana

the best businesses in Ghana

Aqua Safari

Aqua Safari offers the most wonderful experience and amazing fascilities that has been design with your relaxation in mind. It is a top- rated and  eco-friendly and hospitality brand in Ghana whose mission is to provide environmentally friendly and a safe place for people like you to relax.

best companies in Accra, Ghana

Sogakope Beach Resort

Sogakope Beach Resort is one of the best resort in Ghana with high quality furnishing and decor. It has friendly and professional staffs that offers a personalised experience to it’s clients. It has eco-friendly practices with a beautiful landscape. 

the best brands in Ghana

Skyplus Hotel and Resort

Volta Serene Hotel offers an affordable and negotiable payment to its clients. It has elegant rooms with a friendly and attentive staffs. Also, Volta Serene Hotel has conference and banquet facilities for events and meetings

list of the best brand in Accra, Ghana

Tyco City Hotel

Tyco City Hotel is among the most affordable and popular hotels in Sunyani right now. With a luxurious ambience, proper accomodation, tranquil and peaceful environment, you can expect to have the best feeling. Yeah, just like a king.

The Best Waste Management Comapnies in Ghan

List of the top rated companies in Ghana


Jumeni plays a crucial role in keeping the environment of Ghana clean. It helps connect businesses and  household to local waste collectors affordably. Jumeni has a user friendly app that customers can use to request for wast pickups. These company believes Ghana can be waste free with technology. 


Jekora Ventures

Jekora Ventures is one of the few waste management companies offering recycling services to its clients along with a solid waste source segregation programme. Jekora helps Improve Ghana’s environment and public health

The list of leading companies in Ghana

Zoomlion Ghana Limited

Zoomlion Ghana Limited is the leading waste management company in Ghana with branches in other African countries. It offers sustainable waste management for businesses, households and enhance with continous innovation. 

The Best Trasnportation and Logistic Companies in Ghana

the list of leading companies in Ghana

Sapholda Ventures

Sapholda Ventures is one of the most efficient and modern logistic and transport companies in Ghana. It provide services in warehousing, cleaning and forwarding. They strive to have their customers on top of mind


Greenline Logistics

Greenline Logistics has been in operation and providing safe and reliable logistics solutions since 1994. It helps in customer clearance, drop shipment, door-to-door delivery, etc. Greenline Logistics has the most perfect storage unit at affordable price in Ghana

Best companies in Ghana that are top rated

OMA Logistic Company

OMA Logistics Company is the brand many top-rated Ghanaian businesses turns to when their in need of inventory management and Transportation. It has been in operation since 2015. OMA Logistics Company plays a major role in offering logistics support services to customers in the oil and gas industry, as well as the mineral extraction and energy sectors.

The Best Film Production Companies in Ghana

The best businesses in Accra Ghana

Mbrella Films 

Mbrella Films is a top production company  with Global HQ in Bangkok and operations throughout the world. Mbrella Films captures and preserves Ghana’s heritage by showing different cultural and perspectives within the country. In addtion, they produce content that relects Ghana’s identity. 

the most renowned companies in Ghana

Roverman Productions

Roverman Productions was established by the renowned Ghanaian playwright specialist, Uncle Ebo Whyte. Roverman Productions has successfully transitioned from stage plays production to a film production company, maintaining its reputation for engaging storytelling and consistently delivering strong moral lessons at it core.

the most iconic business in Ghana

Farm House Production

Farm House Production is one of the best best film production company in Ghana that develops concepts for video documentaries. It’s known in Ghana for it’s innovative production approach. Farm House Production has produced several popular TV series, including “YOLO

Reliable Automotive Companies In Ghana


Katanka Automotive Company

Kantanka Automobile is a Ghanaian automobile manufacturing company founded by Kwadwo Safo  in 1994. Kantanka design, manufacutres and sells luxurious vehicles. Vehicles that are designed to give you the look and feel you desire without compromising your safety.

top automotive companies in Ghana

Isuzu Ghana (CFAO Ghana Limited

CFAO Ghana Limited is the official distributor of Isuzu vehicles. In fact, Isuzu is known for the production of durable, reliable, and fuel-efficient commercial vehicles. CFAO Ghana Limited provides a range of commercial vehicles including buses, trucks and pickups.

Sinotruk Ghana (J.A. Plant Pool Ghana Limited)

J.A. Plant Pool Ghana Limited is the distributor of Sinotruk in Ghana. They focus on heavy-duty trucks and construction equipment. Sinotruk vehicles are renowned for their robustness, high load capacity, and suitability for the construction and mining industries.

The Best Manufacturing Companies in Ghana

Unilever Ghana

Unilever Ghana is a subsidiary of the global Unilever Group, one of the world’s leading suppliers of fast-moving consumer goods. Unilever Ghana has a long-standing presence in the country and is a key player in the manufacturing and distribution of various consumer products. The company is headquartered in Tema, Ghana, and operates several manufacturing plants within the country.

best companies in Ghana that are trusted and credible

Polytank Ghana

Polytank Ghana is a trusted manufacturing company in Ghana. For more than 50 years in the packaging industry, Polytank Ghana. has led and set the standards for manufacturing high quality plastic and paper storage products. Their commitment to quality and innovation has earned them a spot on this list.

top manaufacturing comopanies in Ghana


Kasapreko is a trailblazer in producing wide arrays of  herbal based alcohol and non alcoholic beverages in Ghana. Kasapreko has over 3 decades of experience and created 30+ distinctive brands including Awake Purified Water.

The Best Healthcare Centers in Ghana

3M&C Health Systerms

Simply put, 3M&C Health Systems is a privately-owned Ghanaian healthcare organization, established in 2009. Their vision is to be the best provider of quality healthcare services in Sub Saharan Africa. This team is top-notch when it comes to emmergency preparedness and response.

Brigham Health Service

Brigham Health Service does it s best to  reduce disparities in healthcare access and outcomes in Accra. The medical team at Brigham Health Service is on top of their game when it comes to Collecting, analyzing, and utilizing health data to inform policy decisions

Acasia Health Insurance

Acasia Health Insurance is a lincense health insurance company in Accra that offers various health insurance plans including unicare plan,  and premier care plan. Also, at Acacia Health Insurance, you will enjoy a competitive benefit package covering most medical conditions, including in- patient and out-patient services.

The Most Resourceful Retail Companies In Ghana

Melcom Ghana

Melcom Limited is Ghana’s largest chain of retail department stores with a variety of goods such as groceries, clothing, furnitures under one roof. Melcom Ghana is one of the very few retail companies that offer shoppers a huge range of extremely affordable goods.

Chinal Mall Online

China Mall Online is a premium supermarket known for its high-quality products and excellent customer service in Ghana. Listen: They also offer loyalty programs and occasional promotions to enhance customer satisfaction.