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The Best Copywriting Tools for Businesses in Accra

the best copywriting tools for businesses in Accra

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Do you want top copywriting tools for businesses in Accra or do you want to write a lot of copies as part of your role as a digital marketer?

Well, as a copywriter with over 7 years of experience, I have tried and tested many copywriting tools, so you don’t have to go through the same stress.

Look,  the data from Statista shows that as of January 2024, the internet penetration rate in Ghana reached roughly 70 percent, up from 68 percent in the same month in the preceding year.

This tells you how significant it is for you to up your marketing game online. In fact, your prospects are constantly using the internet to make their buying decisions.

In addition, nobody fails to realize that effective copywriting is essential for businesses like yours to thrive in the digital landscape. Yes, you heard it right.

Whether you’re crafting persuasive marketing materials, writing compelling blog posts, engaging social media posts, using the right copywriting tool can make all the difference.

For brands in Accra looking to leverage copywriting to enhance the visibility of their brands, I have covered a list of the top 4 copywriting tools that you can trust.

Let’s get started

Benefits of Copywriting for Businesses in Accra

Improved Brand Awareness

A well crafted content makes lasting impressions and gives you a competitive advantage in the Ghanaian digital landscape. Professional copywriting helps in consistent brand messaging across multiple platforms. 

This helps in building a recognisable brand.

Increased Sales and Conversions

Skilled copywriters craft compelling and persuasive copies that make your prospects take a desired action. They have the expertise to highlight the benefits of your product or services, guiding your prospects towards your call to action.

Improved SEO and Online Visibility

Effective copywriting incorporates relevant keywords into your content. This improves the search engine ranking of your brand in Accra and drives online and foot traffic to your business.

The Best Copywriting Tools for businesses in Accra


If you want to write error free content, I recommend the use of Grammarly. It’s the best copywriting tool  that offers advanced grammar checking. This helps to improve your content clarity. Grammarly also provides valuable insights into writing style, tone and  clarity, and so you can create copies that resonate with your target audience as quickly as possible. It’s one of the best copywriting tools for businesses in Accra


ChatGPT is an advanced conversational AI model designed by OpenAI, one of the best AI companies in the world. It generates a tone of human-like copies making it useful for writing social media posts, email copies, blog posts, etc.

It can be a valuable tool for businesses in Accra ready to speed up their content game. These conversational AI tool can also be useful for:

  • Generating content ideas 
  • Generate effective headlines
  • Repurposing your content for another audience

But wait, there’s more: to effectively use ChatGPT, you need to add human touch to your content. Yes, your content must be high quality to meet their search requirement. Using ChatGPT to write a ton of boring AI generated content is not going to help your brand in the long term. Add human tourches to your content to resonate with your audience.


In fact Ahrefs is everything you need in a marketing tool to rank higher on Google search. It offers plethora of features such as keyword research, content optimization, content ideas discovering opportunities, competitors research and many more.

With these valuable features, you should be able to boost your authority and credibility and drive a lot of organic traffic to your business in Ghana. Ahrefs is one of the best copywriting tools for businesses in Accra.


Buzzsumo is an excellent tool for discovering trending topics on the internet to write about. This is the best way to be inspired and stay informed in your copywriting journey. For businesses in Accra wanting to take their copywriting to the next level, Buzzsumo is the way to go because it’s a top copywriting tool for businesses in Accra.

These is what you can do with Buzzsumo:

  • Find and connect with 700K journalists
  • Pitch only active journalists, with 330K monthly profile updates
  • Get 2x more niche topic results than any other database
  • Discover, pitch, outreach, and report all in one place.

Final Thoughts

In this post, I have covered:

  • the best copywriting tools for businesses in Accra.
  • The benefits of copywriting for businesses in Accra

Today, a lot has changed. Effective copywriting is now the cornerstone of businesses in Accra. By investing in these copywriting tools, you stand the chances of driving organic traffic to your website. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Copywriting to Promote my Business in Accra?

Yes, you can. Effective copywriting gives you the opportunity to reach a wider audience that you can persuade to make a purchase or take a specific action on your website.

What are the benefits of Copywriting for my Business in Accra?

Copywriting gives you a lot of benefits from search engine ranking, increasing trust and credibility, improved customer retention to targeted marketing. It’s the path to getting your return on investment because it’s an affordable marketing strategy that I have seen most successful businesses in Accra leveraged.

In fact, I don’t personally use AI to write my content and wouldn’t advise you to do so but I have seen most writers use AI anyway. Even if you try using it, add human touches to your content so that you don’t sound like a robot.

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